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November 16, 2005



Craig says: "I am learning about cooking boundaries"

is your significant other blogging yet? I'd love her version...

this sounds fantastic, and indeed worth commuting for. My mt. barker connections have just moved... it will be no longer possible to roll home from dinner at yours...



and the last few times ive been at craigs ive had leftovers or bacon and eggs...


I had eggplant last time.

i still dream of it.

there was lamb that had been cooking for days that craig put out as a side dish for the eggplant...


of course the lamb wasn't cooking for days... it was marinating for days...

craig's going to be so offended that i wrote that...


darren, that is not at all true. last time I gave you leftover home-made minstrone!


cheryl, actually, it had been marinating for the afternoon. but it was my own recipe....

did I cook eggplant as well?


hehehe, well, i did say leftovers :)

i didn't entirely lie...


having done this the other night I'd suggest that people cut the skin of prior to cooking in the hot cola bath and cover in salt. if you attempt to cook it in the cola and then salt cure the skin you'll most likely miss out on the crisp crackling.

cook the crackling up while the belly is in the weber and you'll be good to go.


good pig! and it has FAT and SUGAR. Is that two of the food groups.

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