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December 08, 2005



leave it as is, it's beautiful. No bridge... (in my opinion) it should just be kept really simple.

what's your tune?


thanks. the tune goes....

dah dah dum dum dit diddley dee
dum dah dah dum dum dit dit dee

(I'm just making that up) doesnt have a tune yet. and besides, how could I put it here anyway

dum doodley dah dum
tra la la la lee
dah dit dit dah
doof doof doof doof!


i was humming 'dah dah's' there for a moment till i realised you weren't serious. surely you must have had a tuneful influence as you wrote... i see it working to gothic ambient...

just wanted to say that it's a really good song. you can stop right there.

and that i haven't found that assignment yet. i'm still working on it.


no tune in mind. i just tap my foot to get a metre and try to see if the lyrics can be enunciated easily. neither of those necessarily make a tune!

everything can be gothic ambient. you just vary the speed.

and eyeliner.


I just tap my foot and write to a metre and sound the words to see if it can be enunciated.

everything can be gothic ambient.

It's all about space, lace and lip gloss....

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