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March 11, 2006



the link's incorrect...

i didnt realise it'd been so long since her death, time seems to fly by, seems only yesterday.

the song's one of my favourite tunes to play in worship, but cant play it without a tear.


bloody typepad. the link is fine in the editor, but not on the page. I'll upload it with a different filename.


ill be in town from saturday...

David Leak

Hi, Our pianist has the song 'Like a Candle Burning' in NCYC97 songbook and we want to use it in church. We also want to be right with copyright. How can we be legally right with copyright?
I believe the NCYC book allows its use but we also want to be sure.
Can you tell us who the publisher is please?


David, thanks for asking! I dont know where the pianist got the song from, but the 'permission' always says that people are free to use it for worship. The song has three authors and no publisher and you are more than welcome to us it for non-commercial purposes. The NCYC songbook explains that. At least I thought it did. Please sing it, enjoy it, share it. And by the way, yes, I'm the contact person.

Tim Beale

I still enjoy playing the song. The words are great and I like both versions. Thanks Craig for giving me the opportunity to blend my music with your words.

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