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August 26, 2009


Darren Wright

I'm not too sure about this style of video, it looks a lot like nooma, which unfortunately has become a person-driven thing. If rob bell was to stop doing the nooma voice overs or, if they were to put someone else on it would it still work?

another quick thought is about the role of the sermon. if a sermon is video recorded, does it cease being a sermon? and if not (which i assume is so) is this merely a way that the church is trying to preach again to another culture that is beyond preaching?

i continue to have issues with how some parts of the church adopts and uses different media forms to do the same thing that has been happening for years before.

good on them for trying, but it's still an australian version of nooma that requires a strong, intellectual type (and possibly culturally popular) in order to deliver a message with way too many words.


a new rob bell is among us!

Darren Wright

another comment (ill stop here) is that while 8 minutes is an optimum time for a sermon i don't think that translates to video. at about the 3 minute mark i walked out to get a drink, 2 minutes later i was distracted again. if you're creating a video-sermon what is the optimum time? On Youtube it looks like it'd be about 3 minutes...


he he. i did think 'rob bell'. it think it's great - yes perhaps a bit long. watching on the web is different from on dvd etc. i'm all in favour of local product and tim delivers really well. i look forward to seeing more of them.

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