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April 14, 2011



Made the chicken as above - 5/6 of the family loved it.

The pilaf less so (I don't like fruit like apricots, dates and raisins in my 'savoury' food so I left them out). Comments from kids more along the lines of 'why does my main smell like hot cross buns?':-)

Might do the same things again but ditch the cinnamon and allspice and put some more 'curry-ish' spices in the rice, as long as they work with the orange in the chicken.


sorry about the late reply Stephen. The rice was originally a lamb dish. i added the apricots and almonds instead. The meat would mingle with the spices differently, absorbing them too. So i guess the above could do with less spice, or, as you say, something a bit more Indian ought to work too. cheers.

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