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I cook mainly so I can eat. I play music so I can relax. I read so I can explore. I travel so I can step outside my skin. I write so I can discover. I walk so I can breathe in the world. I like to watch too.

Craig lives where its sunny in winter, with 4 women and a dog and chickens and guinea pigs and fish and finches. Craig has a spice cabinet as big as the other pantry. He likes death foods - chocolate, red wine and cheese. He stays up too late and owns too many CDs. One day he will read all of the books on the bookshelves. And learn the harmonica properly. He likes the beach most of all.

He also works for the Uniting Church in Australia. Craig is currently Christian Education Research Fellow for the UCA National Assembly for 2011-2012. His regular job is on the faculty of Uniting College, the theological education and leadership development centre for the UCA in South Australia, and also Flinders University, as part of the School of Theology,

The views expressed in this blog are my own and do not reflect the official position of any organisation for whom I work.


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