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January 30, 2006


Bruce Mullan

I think Tom was saying how much better I played Craig's guitar than Craig did. By the way, I've got a picture of Craig Mitchell playing guitar with a cowboy hat on. Can I post it here?


nice try, bruce. of course you play C&W better than me. but that sure isn't what's on his face... is he singing about whisky, trucks or hih Mom? And does George have his dentures stuck? those are my questions.

and no, you can't post pics on my blog... but I can!


I'm a rhinestone cowboy?


Nothing quite like someone taking pics of you when you are singing. I burned a few in which I look as though I was channeling Mick Jaggar and Ozzy Osbourne's love child.

Boy that hurts if you stop and think about it. Feel free to delete that mental picture.


i'd love to see that chris.

actually, I think Tom is thinking "Forget this Duncan guy, just give me the beer. This camp coffee is terrible."

and "how can one person string 62 songs together with just three chords without a break?"

and "checked shirts are back in? dang! I just threw them out!"

and "maybe I should give that guy on the left MY denture cement!"




Goodness me - some things never change huh?

Amazes me what you can do with 3-4 chords - always has, always will! :)

Andy Rowell

Funny. I require reading from Groome for my classes at Taylor University. I think he is thinking: "There is a dialectical relationship between whether I should faint or scream. I'm looking forward to the dialogical nature of critical reflection rather than being imprisoned by the garrulous primordial guitar playing."

All the best to you and Tom.


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