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October 15, 2007



Now I'm really hungry. The Casablancan vegetables sound divine.

I've tried something similar to Chook #2 before, so I'll file this post away from the other recipes.

In the past my father-in-law has cooked the Christmas turkey in his Webber charcoal BBQ. Also divine.


i was hoping you'd post recipes! it was a great night - food, company, conversation, the lot. thankyou so much. i even spent half the drive home thinking that there'd be good reasons to live in south australia...


"I'll file this post away from the other recipes..." was that a good thing or a bad thing...

ha. just joking stephen. your comments are always appreciated and I look forward to a meal about next July...

cheryl is of course welcome to move back to SA anytime!


Curses, a typo!

Will, of course, be saving the recipe link in my 'to cook' file.

BTW - did you see this comparison of Mac recipe managers?


Got to make all the spare CPU on the new computer do something.

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