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November 06, 2007



Hmm. I'd want the text a little clearer, perhaps - but it looked good to me. And it played on the G3 iBook, which often isn't the case with mp4 files these days.

Did the 'Hallelujah' bit make it into the podcasts? I'm halfway through the first Bible study with the other one queued up on the Muvo.

My iTunes didn't really like the podcast service for the Synod. Would say it had downloaded a file and then delete it! Ended up downloading the files I wanted to listen to manually.

Blair Cameron


You wanted the edges blurred? i.e. 'fading' from the pure colour in the centre of the letters to the dark colour of the background?

Looks to me like you had it set up right in FCP, probably using 'overlay' in the composite mode? Was the original text given that organic edge by blurring it, or were you hoping FCP would blur it for you? If the latter, then I think that's why it's ended up with a sharp edge. I would try either blurring a jpg version of the text in PS, then import it into FCP, or run a blur video filter over the text within FCP.

I'm only using FCExpress, so I could have missed something important.

=) Blair


thanks for the comment. yes blair I think I needed to blur the actual text as an image in photoshop (or FCP - hadnt thought of that! doh!) the 'organic' edge is the font itself.

steve, I'll pass on the podcast feedback. I'm sure that the podcast didnt include "hallelujah" for copyright reasons!

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