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June 23, 2008


Russell Greenwood

Delicious Library is great - have you seen version 2? Maybe if you're getting serious about it you should invest in a bluetooth barcoder...

It's just a pity it doesn't use Australian books from Amazon.

darren Wright

i use DL too, version 2 is actually much better than version 1, although i did have issues backing up version 1 when i had to reinstall the OS...

Stephen Garner

I've used Booxter for a few years now and it's not too bad - though definitely for books and not other things. I do have a video/DVD list in it but to get it ended up doing a script that queried Amazon for me, gave me the ASINs for the items, and then used those for Booxter lookups.

One possibility might be BookEnds - which has the bonus of integrating with various word processors, I believe.

For a lot of things I also go back to EndNote - even if you're not using it for academic writing it's still useful for cataloging material. (I guess, at a pinch, you might be able to use Zotero too).

darren Wright

for books you can also venture over to librarything.com i've got a librarything account and use delicious library, all i did for librarything was export my book list from dl into lt...

Stephen Garner

Came across this today. might be work a look


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