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November 25, 2009


Ray Ellison

Hi Craig,
I wish I could be so sure that they were actually "thinking", Whilst I feel the CT scheme presently proposed has many flaws, the opposition debate has been in my view mostly about weakening it further. I recon Malcolm's concern was that If he didn't get it passed with his ammendments there wouldn't be a second chance to get as much money for the coal and aluminium industries after copenhagen. After reading Scorcher I can't easily be convinced their view represents the will of the general populace at all.



Ray, thanks for the comment. you misunderstand me. I was commending the fact that the liberals were having a rigorous internal debate and not just falling in behind their leader. we don't know all the details of that debate at all. i just thought that progress was being made when an opposition party doesnt immediately denounce the government, but actually is seen to wrestle with the issues. i wasnt endorsing any of their views in any way, just the value of an opposition that isnt merely the puppet of its leader, or an automatic counter to the ruling party. i'll read scorcher with interest! thanks.

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