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March 18, 2010



do you think that line should be sung by kiwis who come to adelaide - i've found my home in babylon?




hmmm... "here in exile'.... that part might be true! i wonder which babylonian sins south australia is famous for>


it's actually a deeply subversive line, in terms of reading the Old Testament, cos it depends on which image of Babylon is being referred to:
- is it the Babylon of punishment to which Israel are sent
- is it the Babylon of "stay there, eating and drinking ie Incarnational dwelling
- is it the Babylon of comfort, where life was easy and pleasurable, compared to the hard work of rebuilding Jerusalem.

"babylon" is a changing signifier! So is Padraig founding a home in punishment, in Incarnational or in consumerist pleasure.



yes i did realise that... he does combine the phrase with "maranatha" which i find interesting, and certainly the song speaks of deep need, of incompleteness, so i dont think its option #3. nor do i think it's #1, as he's not suggesting punishment. but the song does seem to yearn for something, perhaps not redemption but at least transforming presence, so I'd put my money on #2.

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