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August 06, 2010


Russell Greenwood

Wow, another scare piece involving the word 'iPhone' by The Age to get some page views… man their tech writers need to get the sack.

Yes, helpfully, certain functions of certain apps remain running in the background, but the majority of apps just go into a 'suspended' state that doesn't chew any battery or processing power. The dude needs to get his facts straight.

Nobody needs to do any 'app killing' to keep their phone working - hopeless. Unlike Android phones, whereby I have some friends who can't answer their phones now because they forgot to kill a task on their handset - ugh.


thanks russell. good to know. yes, my Palm Treo was dreadful at keeping things running, but I haven't had any trouble with the iPhone, although I do need to turn off TomTom when not using it.

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