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March 12, 2011



i showed these to dad on my last visit, they're available via koorong and i'd made note of the male-ness of them and made the choice not to purchase at the time, the site has some good female voices but its still heavily masculine which is a bit of a disappointment. If it's to be a "christian ted" then they may have to stretch out, i still find ted to be very "christian" in a "this is the stuff i wish christians were on about" kind of way...

here's hoping it builds on what its got...


totally agree, actually. just watching Os Guiness on the DVD now and its definitely neo-conservatism. I have to think back to 1980 and then extrapolate to understand him. Still, there's a good range of people on the site, so I'm going to let each person speak for themselves. I genuinely hope and expect a more open dialogue, even here. I completely agree that the maleness of it is the clearest sign that something is wrong. I can comprehend why so many of our own people either (a) dont see that or (b) genuinely believe in male supremacy, however they excuse it. Well I did my bit for feminine images of God today by using Geoff's White Lady video at synod.


i meant "Can't comprehend"...

Rob Hanks

Hey Craig,
Did you get the same Amazon suggestions as I did... looks like a really interesting format and material.. I havent really looked hard yet!!



what Amazon suggestions?

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