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June 25, 2013


Olive Fleming Drane

Absolutely true! Always touches a chord wherever I've used it Craig! Keep writing and imagining!:-)

Ann Perrin

Thanks Craig, I love the idea of turning it around with presider asking the questions and the poetry of the answers. For me I would like a few more words about the life and work of Jesus Christ alongside the wonderful trinitarian statement you make. Though the way you have written does highlight the story more.


that's a fair comment Ann. As you can guess, the Great Prayer of Thanksgiving was meant to be said by the people. It would have been possible to give them some cues in that time. eg. let us give thanks for God's work in Creation.... let us give thanks for the gift of Jesus Christ, God-with-us, etc.


I love the way this draws people into the conversation, however (maybe it is the Anglo-Catholic in me) I can't hear the "Great Prayer of Thanksgiving"/Eucharistic aspect here. Althoug you dopick this up i your comment about "(giving) thanks for God's work in Creation.... (and giving) thanks for the gift of Jesus Christ, God-with-us, etc. I wonder how this celebratory dimension could be able to resonate here more fully?


Chris, thanks for the comment and you're not the first person to say that! (see previous comment) Firstly the brief narrative mentions salvation history in Creation, Cross and the Spirit's coming. But secondly, the people are invited to make their own prayer of thanksgiving together. It's the work of the people. Of course, that part could be structured more - let us give thanks for God's goodness in Creation, let us give thanks for the life and ministry of Jesus Christ, etc. Having said that, I figure that people take liturgy and change it to make it their own, so that's why I haven't tried to fix it.

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