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May 09, 2018


Shawn Whelan

Hi Craig, I'm getting an error trying to play or download the demo track. We're keen to use it next week, and would appreciate hearing it to get the feel. Could you email me a copy (and repost, when you get a chance)?


Shawn, it works for me. It's an mp3. I'll try emailing you the mp3. The demo is pretty rough and doesn't quite get the Oils vibe that I'm after.

Di Russell

Hi Craig, On the Assembly resources for the Day of Mourning service on 23 January it says that a better recording will be available on https://vimeo.com/ showcase/8190244 but it is not yet there. We are starting to put our Order of Service together at Pilgrim and were hoping to include it. Do you have any idea when it will be available? Thanks. Di and Peter Russell


Hi Di and Peter,
I'm working on the recording as we speak. Then I have to make the video. Hopefully it's all sorted by Monday at the latest!



Here's the audio recording.



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