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March 23, 2019


Cynthia Page

Craig, I never cease to marvel at the breadth of your knowledge, creativity and skills. This is wonderful. Would you please post a picture of the table with the stony road on it? Also, how will people taste the different ingredients? I'm planning a stations worship for the Prodigal Son and will use these ideas if that is okay. Thanks again for being such a blessing. I'm sorry that you will be so far away from me in Victoria. I would love to sit at your feet and learn. Maybe we could trade wine and/or beer for some tutoring? I would like that. Blessings for you leaving Belair and preparing to move to Victoria.

Cynthia Page

I meant Blackwood, sorry.


Thanks Cynthia. You're welcome to use anything. I'll email you some Prodigal Son stations that I've done. I'm sure I stole some ideas from Cheryl Lawrie. When I've done this before I've had people sitting at tables with bowls for tasting in the centre of the table. I'm thinking this time of simply having bowls that are passed along the rows and people take some seeds or rock salt. I'm thiniknig of using communion glasses for the third tasting. That then made me wonder if I would change the third tasting for something like sparkling apple juice. I'll add a photo of the Son figure above - it's actually the bottom of a broken candle holder but it sort of looks like a person.

Wendy Snook

Really excellent suggestions, Craig. i am sharing them with my W@9 leader for this Sunday, and we'll see what happens! Blessings and I hope your final service in Blackwood UCA goes well.

Wendy Snook

Also I discovered Cheryl Lawrie's book is sold out, so is it possible for a copy of her reflection to be added on -line? Many thanks. Wendy


Thanks Wendy and Cynthia. I just added some estra stuff to the page.


Thanks Craig. Wonderful! And an image from Frank Wesley. I saw an exhibition of his work many years ago - it has always stayed with me - so completely filled with emotion.

Peter Oliver

Old grey father had a farm
Two sons made him glow.
And on that farm he heard one son
"Dad I want to go"
With a "Gimme" here, and a "Gimme" me there.
Here a "Gimme" there a "Gimme" everywhere a "Gimme" "Gimme"
Old grey father had a farm
"Dad I want to go"

Old grey father's prodigal son
Put on quite a show
With a "Party party" here.

Old grey father's wasteful son
Soon ran out of dough.
With a "Help me" here.

Old grey father's pig sty son
In mud he sank his toes.
With an "Oink oink" here.

Old grey father's sorry son
"In his eyes I'll be so low"
I'll be ordered here and ordered there...

To old grey father's surp-rised son.
"There's nothing that you owe."
With a "Hug, hug" here and a "Hug, hug" there.

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